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Ecological and Bio-herbal Teas

Vitaldibe is our new line of Ecological Teas. It is an innovative product: herbal teas of an excellent quality, obtained from the best fruit and ready to be consumed.

In this latest and rewarding food adventure we will be launching three intense and distinct flavours, always with fruit grown under stringent organic farming controls.

Produced in Spain.

Black Tea With Peach

Antioxidant properties. Properties to lower cholesterol in the blood, helping to prevent bad circulation.

Contribution of fluoride, prevention of dental caries. Beneficial to the nervous system, helping against stress or anxiety. Strengthens and improves the health of hair and nails.

Capacity: 25 ml

Green Tea With Ecological Mango

It helps to overcome low mood and also in an intense physical effort. Excellent for combating migraine, drowsiness and mental fatigue thanks to the teina.

Diuretic and purifying virtues, allied against the retention of liquids and elimination of toxins.

Antioxidant, neutralizes the oxidation process that affects the cells of the body. Prevents high blood pressure.

Capacity: 25 ml

Black Tea With Orange & Maracuya

Rich in vitamin C, helping to prevent colds and flu. Energetic and digestive.

Antioxidant properties. Properties to lower blood cholesterol, helping to prevent poor circulation.

Capacity: 25 ml

Infusion of Ecological Forest Fruit

Rich in vitamins that promote the correct physiological functioning of the body and mind. Antioxidant properties which help increase defenses. Ideal for the prevention of respiratory disorders.

Antibacterial action, facilitate the functioning of the digestive system. Low in calories and high in fiber.

Capacity: 25 ml

Infusion of Hibiscus with Mint

Antioxidant properties, improve cellular performance and reduce free radicals. It helps to improve digestion, to digest food more quickly.

Effective fighting and preventing allergies. It helps to treat metabolic diseases, such as being overweight and hypercholesterolemia.

Capacity: 25 ml

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