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Velador - Spanish Saffron


Saffron of La Mancha

Saffron Velador is the result of the centennial culture of saffron that exists in Villafranca de los Caballeros and its producer region.

The saffron producers Velador work the product from the meticulous selection of the bulb to the delicate roasting process and as a result they get a highest quality product, ready to satisfy the most demanding palates in Spain and the rest of world.

Working exclusively with their own saffron and fulfilling all the quality demands of the Protected designation of origin «Saffron of La Mancha».

Different presentations

Available in a variety of beautiful glass food containers, in different weights that fit your tastes and requirements.

Also available in a Talaverana ceramic container, very suitable for gifts.

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To consume «Saffron of La Mancha» is much more than to consume the best saffron of the world, is to consume cultural heritage of La Mancha is to add to our kitchen flavor to secular tradition.