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Spanish Beer Deliza


Beer - Cerveza

A very versatile high fermentation beer blonde, since its main characteristic is the ease to take it and its orientation towards the malt make it very refreshing and little invasive to the palate.

It is a perfectly balanced beer, recognizable by its deep golden color and a moderate sweet malt aroma. Foam is not very abundant, but with good retention. With a soft initial taste to sweet malt and then a very moderate hop flavor. Finish half dry.

Made with barley and hops more select, fermented at low temperature and slowly matured to achieve a perfect body and aroma, with a single intention, enjoy it!

DELIZA - Blonde Ale

Vol. 33 ml.

Alc. 4.5%

Product of Spain. Bottled for Deliza Foods

BR66DN, Kent – UK

" A Spanish Blonde brewed with a careful selection of hops and grains from the Spanish heartland. "